Savannah Segway Tours and Electric Bike Tours

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Georgia was the thirteenth colony.  The second bloodiest battle, the Siege of Savannah, was fought on Savannah soil.  Thousands of soldiers laid down their lives for the cause of independence.  One of those brave soldiers was Count Casimir Pulaski of Poland who was the highest ranking foreign official to die in our Revolutionary War.  He was mortally wounded in the Battle of Savannah and died a short time after.  Pulaski is honored far and wide throughout our country and holds a place of honor in the history of the United States of America.


Segway Savannah GA


Adventure Tours in Motion is all about Savannah Segway Tours being the best things to do in Savannah, Georgia. Our Historic Savannah Segway Tour has 22 story filled squares to enjoy and we cover as many as possible. We offer a variety of tours. No matter what your pleasure you get to enjoy this fun experience while riding a Segway or Electric bike.


The Savannah Segway Tour offers a Movie Tour to give you the opportunity to ride along the same paths your favorite stars walked on. 

Savannah Segway Tours has a Bonaventure Cemetery Tour that will fascinate and intrigue everyone with her Victorian statues. Savannah Segway Tours include a North Beach Tybee Island tour that has the perfect picture landmark! 

This Savannah Segway Tour gets you a smile in front of one of the few working lighthouses in America. Get ready to experience Savannah Segway Tours which include both past and present movie sets, Bonaventure Cemetery or Tybee Island. 

Now that's the SAVANNAH SEGWAY TOUR WAY! We are family and pet-friendly. Our Savannah Segway Tours are for the adventurous and Electric Bicycles for the carefree.  Adventure Tours in Motion have age minimums for our Savannah Segways Tours and E-Bikes but we can for details.

Any of the Savannah Segway Tours can accommodate older children who can ride their own electric bicycle while little brother or sister has a secure seat with Mom or Dad on an e-bike.  We also have a bicycle built for two for children to ride co-pilot while Mom or Dad do all the work of steering. 


Small dogs can enjoy the tour along with their parents from their exclusive bicycle handlebar box seats, also known as a dog carrier.  Larger dogs can relax in our office in a roomy kennel while their humans explore the Savannah Segway Tour that suits their curiosity.

Our Savannah Segway Tours have an adventure and scenery for all.  We conduct Savannah Segway Tours in the beautiful historic downtown district, the intriguing Bonaventure Cemetery and laid back Tybee Island.  Want to go to Bonaventure or Tybee but don’t have a car?  Don’t worry.  We have a 12-passenger van that can take you to Bonventure and Tybee Island! So feel free to book our tours outside Historic Savannah.

Are there children under 16 yrs old in your party?  We love children!  Call for details.

Will you be bringing your dog?  Great!  Call for arrangements.