Party Down South

Party Down South…in Savannah!  On Segways!  Oh, My!

The newest season of CMT’s popular hit show Party Down South was filmed over the summer in Savannah, GA.  

Adventure Tours in Motion was asked to bring Segways to the house where they were staying so they could play. 

The cast members rode the Segways great.  Well, except for that one incident… but the tree will heal…and the Segway buffed out nicely.  We thought we might have to put training wheels on Murray’s Segway, but he did great.  Hott Dogg, Lauren, Mattie, Tiffany, Daddy, Boudreaux, Murray and Walt were all great and fun.  We hope you had a great time in our beautiful Savannah and you’re welcome back any time, just keep the diapers undercover.

Watch the last vacation of the original cast of Party Down South starting January 28, 2016.  And watch the fun they had on our Segways from Adventure Tours in Motion.

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